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      Something     about myself.....

Francesca Merisio,

Franxi Natra Clowna, multidisciplinary artist, started in the world of clown since 2008, which she is passionate about, takes different workshops with a lot of modern clowns like Christian Atanasiu, Anton Valen, Fanny gaulie, Mariano di Franco ...


She continues her formative career in the CAU circus school in Granada, 2012, takes different acrobatic and elastic bed workshops at the Rogelio Rivel school in Barcelona, ​​she goes into the world of juggling with the hula hoop. It takes different workshops including in the KataKombe of Berlin. 

At the moment it continues forming in workshops of dance, acrobatics, German wheel and balance.

For hobby she play music.

Based in Berlin, Germany

Currently participates in different projects

She presents his unipersonal project "Round a Round" where you can see his world absurd and original.

This show has been shown in different countries ofthe world, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Poland, France, Spain, Mexico, Suth Corea, Macedonia...

Project "Eterfeel" in the company Aerial Jockey Strada, show of large format of aerial dance.


Presenter at "Femme Variete", show all female, shot in different halls, bars and festivals of Barcelona, ​​Seville, Berlin ..  


Also presents different comic numbers of room with "La Diva" and "La Piloto GAlac tica" and "Amor de verde".  




He has worked in different companies, like Desert Band, The rogelio family and Picante Potente.

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